Health and Safety In the Workplace

Health and Safety In the Workplace Is Important

Ever since the triumph of the Industrial Revolution when the struggle for shorter working hours, humane working conditions and other benefits for the working people, the basic conditions that produce the dangerous circumstances for employees and laborers has not much changed. Some improvements have been implemented by some companies but still, a number of other workplaces are on the verge of danger.

At present, some legislation regarding the safety of the workplace has been passed into law but some companies still take these for granted. There have been proposals of unannounced “knock on the door” inspections on different workplaces to check whether the employers follow the recommended set-up for a healthy and safe workplace for their employees. Inspections should focus not just on the immediate hazards but more importantly, on the company’s management of health and safety.

Some of the most glaring problems encountered by employees when working are the following: poor ventilation which can cause nausea and suffocation; poorly-lighted working space which can lead to poor eyesight in the long-term; lack of clean and running water supply in case of burns and other accidents; absence of first aid solutions in the event that the employees get minor cuts and wounds and many more which can cause great inconvenience and harmful effects on the employees.

The workplace should be clean and well-ventilated to inspire the employees to work better. Also, space should be well-lit so that the employees can properly see what they are doing. Some measures must also be done to prevent accidents and reduce the numbers of deaths transpiring in workplaces. Health and safety advisors should also inspect whether the space for work has a safe and clean supply of water, first aid kit in case of accidents and other important facilities to ensure the health and safety of the employees.

At present, work-related accidents do not happen on a large scale but still, many health and safety advisors are worried about the plans laid out by the authorities. There are no clear rules and regulations regarding the implementation of the safety nets in the workplaces and usually, a number of companies do not comply with the health and safety measures prescribed even by legislation.

A better version of the legislation and a more effective method of implementation should be created in order to intensify the campaign for health and safety in workplaces and to ensure that the welfare of the employees is being addressed properly.

Companies and businesses that do not keep up to date with health and safety can be directly liable for accidents and injuries that staff members of even customers have while onsite at your premises. These kinds of issues can really cost a business and in some cases can because to shut them down completely.

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