Humane Squirrel Control

Many different wild animals can cause damage, but we are going to focus on Denver squirrel removal that is humane. Squirrels are a very common animal in most of the United States. The amount of damage they can inflict is very vast. A single squirrel can get into your attic; maybe building a nest, ripping apart insulation, or even getting into the walls of your home! They have very strong teeth and can chew through a lot, even electrical.

Humane Squirrel Control

Maybe they are not in your attic, but all over your yard! What can they do to a yard? In the summer a squirrel will keep itself busy, finding food. Eating fruits, nuts, and plants. Nothing bad here right? Until they start storing food for winter. This can lead to digging up your yard or invading your garden to steal your vegetables or digging up your flowers. Do you like to feed the birds? You may be one of those people who invest in beautiful bird feeders that are beautifully arranged around your yard?

This is great until you find yourself feeding only squirrels and watching the squirrels chase away your beloved birds. This situation can be frustrating. You are hopefully a kind, nature loving person. As much as you love animals and nature, you still have a strong desire to have a nice yard, a garden that is producing for you, not your four legged friends, and bird feeders that feed birds.

Humane Squirrel Removal Denver

The issue that needs to be resolved is how to handle this? You might ask yourself, is there a way to handle this situation in a humane way that equals a happy person and a happy squirrel? I like to think so, as that is the only world I want to live in. Many people react by thinking of ways to make the problem go away in any way possible. If you do your research, you will find that this will not solve your wildlife problem. Squirrels are often territorial, therefore if you remove one, it does not typically take to long for another squirrel to figure this out and move right in! Starting the problem all over again. Thankfully there are options available that do not involve the loss of a squirrel’s life or your sanity.