Fun Facts About Squirrels

Now that you have learned to live with squirrels I would like to share some fun facts and interesting facts about them. The more you know about a creature, the easier it is to live with them and learn to love living with them.

Squirrels are the cousins of prairie dogs and woodchucks. The Squirrels are pretty widespread as their relatives can be seen all over the trees, parks, and woodlands across the world to include Australia, Asia, and the Europe.

Squirrel Fun Facts

Squirrels have a love of nuts, but they have a large and diverse food supply. They are known to eat small insects, tree bark, roots, and leaves. This is why they love everything from your garden to your bird feeders. Squirrels spend their summer foraging for food with enthusiasm. They do this for a reason. They must gather enough food to get them through the winter. Therefore they work very hard in the summer and especially the fall to accomplish this. They will bury all of their food. When winter starts the squirrels will hibernate but as soon as they wake up they seek out their hidden food; as they will be hungry.